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Please sign my guestbook on the side of this page with any comments or suggestions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!

Barbra Streisand,  James Brolin and Alicia Silvers

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6-2-01- Added new Gallery with Drew Barrymore.

3-21-01- Added a new artwork of Jacqueline Kennedy into Gallery 9.

3-10-01- I made some improvements. I added another gallery and finished Gallery 8.

3-5-01- I added a Chatroom. Unfotunatly, the chat works sometimes and other times it doesn't. I gotta figure out what's wrong with it and fix it. I'll post it here when it's fixed.

1-29-01- I've been doing some behind the scene stuff lately. Today was the first really noticable update for a while. I added a new gallery, but it is still under construction. I rotated Britney Spears out of the homepage and into Gallery 8. I moved Toni Braxton in.

12-21-00- I added a picture in Gallery 2. I've changed some of the bad pictures of Susan Sarandon, Tyra Banks and Toni Braxton.

12-12-00- I changed the first 3 Galleries. I still need a bit of work on Gallery 2, but everything should be improved.

11-26-00- I fixed I minor error I made before, it was I had too many Uma Thurman pictures and I forgot to add a Bruce Willis and Demi Moore picture.

11-25-00- Haven't been doing much, until now. I'm adding a large section of Galleries, hopefully they'll be up soon.

10-22-00- New scanner is working great! I've added a new gallery and updated my About Me section.

10-9-00- I think I'll be getting a new scanner soon, so I'll be able to post more pictures.

10-7-00- Just some minor changes. A few adjustments, nothing much.

9/29/00- I haven't done much with this site, but I have been working on my artwork. I've finished 3 since I last updated. I just have to wait for the pictures of the portraits to develop. I took out a few pages because they weren't that important.

7/30/00- I changed the web address for the better. Now, you goto now isn't that much better?

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